General Acha 1645 / 55 (B1879FNG) Quilmes Oeste Buenos Aires
54 11 4250 • 0365 / 9692
4200 • 2445 / Fax ext. 25
In work by DRILLING DRILLING, stand out for their high SAFETY
VERSATILITY accident and in awkward positions.

Light, compact, power and highly qualified tools to be used in production processes due to their efficiency and comfort to perform all kind of perforations in ferrous and nonferrous metal, wood, plastics, etc.
Robust construction and anatomic design provide the perfect manual fastening without making excessive efforts.




These drills are specially designed to perform heavy duties that highly surpass similar electrical tools. They offer an excellent weight-power relationship and allow drilling holes with a diameter of up to 40 mm. These tools can be widely applied in the naval, agricultural, and truck industry, amog others.


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